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Money Talks Round Table 

Discover how to transition from living paycheck-to-paycheck to achieving financial freedom in 2024.

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About 360 Wealth Event

At 360 WEALTH Money Talks Round Table, immerse yourself in a transformative financial experience. Engage with seasoned experts for personalized insights, real-time discussions, and actionable strategies. Explore exclusive sessions, gain practical tools, and leverage invaluable networking opportunities. Elevate your wealth journey and chart a course toward enduring financial success.

April 13, 2024


5045 N. Memorial Parkway Ste B.Huntsville, AL 35810

Live Financial Insights Forum

Immerse yourself in real-time financial insights during our LIVE forum. Industry experts will share key strategies, answer questions, and provide valuable tips for achieving lasting prosperity.

Private Community Networking

Unlock access to our private online community. Network with fellow attendees, share experiences, and establish valuable connections for ongoing support on your financial journey.

Wealth Mastery Sessions

Explore personalized strategies for wealth-building and gain insights into breaking free from financial constraints.

Exclusive Group Swag Distribution

Join the community in donning TheWrightWay360 gear, fostering a sense of unity and commitment to financial empowerment.

Event Agenda

THEWRIGHTWAY360 is a designated platform aimed at providing specialized wealth building solutions for families and individuals interested in Real Estate Investments, Air BNB's, Property Renovation, business development & more.

Why You Should Attend The Event

Personalized Wealth Guidance

Learn how to organize, plan, and track your financial goals effectively for enduring financial independence.

Community Connection

Forge lasting connections in our private online group. Share experiences and receive ongoing support, creating a foundation for enduring prosperity with a like-minded community.

Practical Tools and Resources

Equip yourself with practical tools in workshops, including a Wealth Planning Workshop and Business Building Seminar. 

Real-Time Financial Insights

Immerse in live forums where experts share real-time insights. Stay updated, ask questions, and deepen your understanding of effective wealth-building techniques for sustained financial success.

Annette Campbell
Dr. Cynthia Videau
Dr. Nakita Davis
Demetris Curry
Juneil Bettis
Latoya Whitfield
Lisa Araujo
Wendi Brake
Kenny Anderson
Shondricka Carter
Sophya Johnson

Event Speakers

Ready For Personalized Wealth Guidance?

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Discover how to transition from living paycheck-to-paycheck to achieving financial freedom in 2024.

Registration Closed

Event Sponsors

360 Wealth Sponsorship Program

Partnering with TheWrightWay360 for the "360 Wealth Money Talks Round Table" event offers a unique opportunity to align your brand with a pioneering financial education platform dedicated to empowering individuals and families with comprehensive, actionable financial knowledge. Our 360 Approach to Financial Literacy Courses delivers an expansive curriculum covering investment strategies, asset allocation, budgeting, and debt management, designed for effective wealth building at a self-paced approach. Moreover, our Real Estate Mentorship Program provides long-term, in-depth support, especially for home flippers looking to navigate the real estate business successfully, from securing their first property to mastering the flip.

Association with a leading initiative in financial literacy, aligning with corporate social responsibility goals

Strengthening brand perception through affiliation with innovative, educational, and community-focused content

Access to in person attendees, potential customers, and over 150,000 followers and viewers, and this event will be live-streamed across FB, YouTube, & TikTok.

Benefits of Sponsorship

  • Youtube
  • TikTok
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
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